the sweet bee sting

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Birds That Flew Upside Down
11:58 PM

I wanted, nay I needed to cook today. Deep, soulful, unpretentious, home-y, just good food was on the agenda. Something that after eating you felt rested and secure like somebody big and solid just gave you a hug.

I set out to get the accouterments of my meal prep. Two large chickens that I was going to rub on herb butter and roast in the oven. So they would come out with a perfect crispy skin that you can't get from those rotisserie chickens from Sam's Club. I chopped, minced and diced with happy vigour. (I believe there could have been humming I'm not sure, but it could have happened.) Getting my mirepoix spread out and the chickens ready for the oven thinking everything was good and right. Making herb butter with fresh parsley, shallots, garlic, and worcestershire and slather the poultry under the skin and on top. Covering every square inch of those birds in butter giving them the best massage I think I have ever given.

While the birds were getting their final hot spa treatment with intervals of basting, mashed potatoes where made, baby carrots were braised with butter and olive oil, spinach was sauteed,
and I pulled out those flightless wonders and let them rest. Turned their juice into gravy and used the left over butter on the potatoes. I go to cut into those perfectly roasted, crispy delicious acts of cookery to realize I roasted those bitches upside down. What should have been a crispy breast was not it was the underside. I started to laugh and those years of culinary school and the money my parents spent and yet I still can't tell which is the right side of a chicken.

So, my silly upside down chickens are done. My fixings are finished and its basically time to eat which I thought there would be people around to share with. There are always people in and out of the house especially on Sunday and today was no different. The boys were there and then gone just as the food was ready off to the Auto Rama. What else was there to do, I fixed myself a plate and threw it in the microwave, (I just spent 3 hours with that food and needed some space.) put the left overs away and did all the dishes. Cooking for just yourself isn't satisfying I made food that you share with people that you just enjoy being around and not eat all alone while watching The September Issue with icy cold Vogue editor Anna Wintour. But thus is how I spent my time eating and it kind of makes sense. Those damn upside down birds.

Your Lonely Diner,