the sweet bee sting

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doggie Treats?
6:00 PM

Please excuse my first post, and as for that matter my first real blogging experience, to be a slightly hostile one.

Lets just get this to be clear: I love to bake and have my degree in pastry arts to prove it. I enjoy giving my baked goods to people. I adore sharing them. I relish in hearing how they taste . In short, I love it when people eat my baked goods. I however do not enjoy when I bake and the furry, entitled beast that is named Bella (Lady Isabella being the lofty name given to her. How she assumed this title I will never know, for she does not act with ladylike decorum) asserts herself atop our kitchen counter or middle of our dining room table and decided that she has the right to eat half of my culinary endeavors. Whether they be cookies, cupcakes, brownies, muffins, she asserts herself as first and sometimes only taste tester and gone is my hard, abeit enjoyable, work.

Now what is it that I have to do to protect my bakery items from becoming canine dessert? Construct a device that hangs from the ceiling? Stand sentry while they cool with militant diligence i.e. a beefeater at the tower of London(I don't think the bear fur hat will be very becoming on me)? Lock dogs away or outside in frigid temps to protect my bits of deliciousness? Only bake at other people's homes? I am at an utter loss and need help just short of that proverbial farm they can be sent to.