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Monday, March 1, 2010

An Observance of Chicken Stock
11:44 AM

Mary, my dear, I sympathize with you. I had quite a night of poultry-partying myself. Had no idea that the heart and innards would still be attached to the bird and I would have to cut them out myself.

After a long, boring and depressing day at work, I decided that I needed a bit of cheering up, and I think we can all agree that the best place for that is the grocery store. Plus, my friend Heather is a bit under the weather [2 points for non-intentional rhyming?] and so I told her I'd make her some chicken soup, which gave me another excuse -- as if I needed one! -- to visit the market.

Now, I think it's probably not the best idea to start making chicken stock at 9:00 at night, but then again, I had the time and didn't mind staying up until midnight with my simmering pot. I opened up the first volume of the Grand DiplĂ´me to quickly re-read the instructions of cutting up a chicken, imagining myself to be Sabrina longing for David and only half-paying attention to the directions. After hacking -- like my eloquent terminology? ha -- the poor bird up, Gary the Cat being quite a nuisance and meowing at the top of his hungry-little-lungs for a bit of chicken like the 19th century street urchin that he is, I had everything in my great-grandmother's giant, ancient stock pot and bubbling away by 10:00 and another gallon bag of stock-ready ingredients stashed away in the freezer for another night. I spent the ensuing hours reading up on the life of John Lennon and listening to A Hard Day's Night.

By 12:30, I had the stock in Tupperware containers [took me nearly a half of an hour to find lids for all of them; good gravy, what a mess!], chicken shredded, carrots, onions and celery cut up and a fridge full of chicken-y goodness. I went to bed satisfied that I could totally be a pioneer wife -- move over Laura Ingalls Wilder -- and spent another hour delving into Lord of the Flies, which I feel cheated for never having been made to read in high school. If only you could see me raising my fist in protest right now!

Your Pioneer Mama,

P.S. Once I get my camera fixed, or purchase a new one, I'll be sure to post pictures of what we're making so this doesn't end up being boring and wordy.

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