the sweet bee sting

Friday, April 9, 2010

Five Senses Friday
10:35 PM

chet baker

(photo by William Claxton)

Taking cue from Abby Powell-Thompson over at Abby Try Again and Sarah McColl at Pink of Perfection, I've decided to play along and post my own current sensibilities. As Abby so nicely sums up for us, Five Senses Friday was created to "...use it weekly as way to sit down and reflect on what the past days have been like for me." So that this blog doesn't seem limited to cooking, I think this is a fun way to mix things up and hopefully inspire others to sit and ponder their surroundings.

I expect my comrades [AHEM!] to post their own sometime soon. It doesn't have to be a Friday-only thing; we can bastardize the title into whatever we want it to be, so ladies, start posting!

Seeing: Currently watching -- in between typing this, of course -- the 1988 documentary "Let's Get Lost" about American jazz artist Chet Baker.

Hearing: Joyce Night Tucker being interviewed over the soft crooning of Mr. Baker.

Tasting: Chocolate yogurt snack cakes, my own mixing of which will be up sometime soon.

Smelling: Awake™ tea by Tazo. Is it strange that I should be drinking a tea blend entitled 'awake' before I plan on going to sleep?

Feeling: Congested and achy, but warm and content to be swaddled in my plaid wool blanket and watching a rather mellow documentary.

Good night, my dears!

Love, Cristina